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Kayomatique by Martha Mooke, for Concert Band and improvising soloist

Kayomatique (2017)

for Concert Band and improvising soloist
duration: 6'30"

Click to peruse the full score (1.1 MB PDF)

Commissioned and Premiered by Kingswood Oxford Concert Band, Todd Millen, conductor, April 2017, West Hartford, CT

Program notes

Kayomatique (the title is a combination of Kingswood Oxford and the word cinematique), is a journey of sound, an exploration of perception and intention. The music begins with the mystery of time, pausing for commentary or thoughtful speculation on where it's been and what lies ahead. It is at times serious, then playful, adventurous, wild, festive!

Experience the sonic textures, a rainbow of sound colors, a new language communicated between instruments. Through improvisation, the players add their own unique voices to the soundtrack ­ exploring expression, communicating through sound.

Kayomatique is intended to be performed twice, once with the concert band as written, and the second time with optional solo improviser and expanded improvisation.

Level IV - includes improvisation for ensemble members


Martha Mooke and the Kingswood Oxford Middle School Band