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Videos of Martha Mooke, Electro-Acoustic Violist / Composer / Producer / Clinician & Educator

Visit Martha Mooke's YouTube channel for more videos.

Mirai Moment: Martha Mooke

Rahzel and Martha Mooke's 'Beats Per Revolution' Live at Symphony Space, NYC!

Martha Mooke's 'Dreaming in Sound' at National Sawdust, Brooklyn

Virtual Corridors II , The Pops Orchestra, April 2017

Martha Mooke's "No Ordinary Window"

Official Video

Martha Mooke using the Eventide H9 stompbox on her new CD, "No Ordinary Window"


Martha Mooke and the ASU Wind Orchestra play X-ING (mvmt. III)

REM: A Dream in Sound

by Martha Mooke


Highlights of "Beyond the Portal" created and performed by electric violist Martha Mooke. Recorded live at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Symphony Space, NYC on February 27, 2009.

Mini Documentary on Martha Mooke

Brief documentary (ca. 2001) made for Martha Mooke's appearance on DCTV's "Live from Downtown". Includes footage of recording session for Osvaldo Golijov's Rocketekya, with Enya on Live with Regis!, Clinic for Sussex County Youth Orchestra, Duo with Moby at Carnegie Hall and with Al Reingold in Atlana. Produced by Brent Renaud.

Terminal Baggage
Filmmaker Ian Ross' music video of electric violist Martha Mooke.

e-chi for electric 5-string viola/violin and percussion quartet. Martha Mooke, composer/electric violist with The Percussion Plus Project (Amy Lynn Barber; Christopher Martin, Heather Sloan, David Dwinell).

Electric violist Martha Mooke performs Raindance on DCTV's "Live from Downtown."

Quantum for Quintet

Martha Mooke's Quantum for Quartet (+bass). (from Quantum for electric viola and electric guitar by Martha Mooke and Randolph Hudson a/k/a BOWING) Scorchio: Gregor Kitzis and Amy Kimball (violins); Martha Mooke, viola; Leah Coloff, cello; Kris Saebo, bass. Video by Gerard Schmidt. FIlmed during SONUS INCHOATUS, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Oct. 17, 2011.

Virtual Corridors
Martha Mooke's Virtual Corridors at New York City hotspot The Cutting Room. With Randy Hudson, Michele Temple and Tony "Thunder" Smith